Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tomorrow! I love ya, Tomorrow!

Yeah, I channeled Annie there for a minute...  I'm a child of the 80s, I can't help myself, I grew up on that movie.

Mass exodus from Tomorrowland during the fireworks...

M.K. - Tomorrowland

            Yay!  Besides Toontown Fair (which is being renovated, so I’m not talking about it yet), this is the last area of Magic Kingdom.  I left this area for last on purpose because this is the last area my husband and I usually visit.  As the day goes on, the crowds begin to thin in the park.  And once the fireworks begin, there are very few people left in any of the land areas because they usually move over to the central hub to get a better view.  My husband and I try to spend 2 days at Magic Kingdom, whenever we visit: one day to make sure we see the fireworks and the second day to ride some very popular attractions during the fireworks.  And then we ride them again because there is no wait time during fireworks.  The best area to do this in is Tomorrowland because it has a lot of attractions in a fairly small area.  Less walk time, more ride time = win-win!
            Let me give you an example: Buzz Lightyear’s Space Range Spin.  This ride is a lot of fun, especially if you have a competitive streak (which I do).  Basically, your vehicle takes you around to a few different scenes and you shoot at bulls-eyes with your lasers.  The vehicle keeps score for you.  The bigger the target, the higher the points.  This ride is, typically, around a 45 minute wait time.  We rode it 4 times in a row during the fireworks the last time we visited.  And my husband’s score was still better than mine, the jerk…
            Right next to Buzz, in the same building, is Monsters Inc, Laugh Floor.  This is a really cute show that is supposed to take place AFTER the Monsters, Inc movie.  The monsters on the screen are trying to make us laugh, to fill their canisters with energy.  The interesting part of this show is that the monsters on the screen interact with the crowd, so it is never the same show twice.  They often pick audience members to pick on or to get information from.  It’s a cute, funny show.  The other nice part about it: you won’t wait longer than the show in front of you usually.  So at most, you’re looking at about a 20 minute wait.  And it’s seated with AC or heat!  I cannot tell you how much you will come to appreciate this.  After waiting in line multiple times at Magic Kingdom, all you will want to do is sit down for a few minutes and relax. 
            Right across the walkway from Buzz and Monsters, Inc. is Stitch’s Great Escape.  I have failed you again, dear readers.  My daughter is too short to go on this ride, so I have never been on it.  Please don’t be mad at me!  I can say this, however.  Disney put this attraction in to take place of a very similar attraction, Extra TERRORestrial.  Extra TERRORestrial was a scary attraction with an alien getting loose, who breathes on your neck and drops saliva on your head.  I was 17 when I went on it, and it scared the bejeezus out of me.  They replaced the unknown alien with Stitch, to make it more Disney friendly.  Unfortunately, from what I have read in my research, they did not change enough and the attraction is still very scary for kids.  Hence, the height requirement.  Disney is trying to keep young children out.  In fact, they have raised the height requirement 3-4 times since the opening of this attraction because too many children were getting the wits scared out of them.  Chances are very good that this attraction will either be re-designed or re-imagined altogether in the not-too-distant future.

I will finish up Tomorrowland on another day.  For now, I will leave you with a joke I heard at the Monster, Inc. Laugh floor: How does Lady Gaga like her meat?  Raw, raw, raw, raw, raw!

Me and Em, sweating profusely in August, watching the fireworks from a bench in Tomorrowland.

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