Monday, February 21, 2011

Taking my 5 followers to Frontierland

Welcome back, readers!  If you step this way, we will enter the world of Frontierland...

M.K. – Frontierland

Pic of Em eating at Pecos Bill

An even better pic of Em eating in Pecos Bills, a few days later on the SAME vacation.  Yes, my husband likes this restaurant that much...  If you notice, however, she is giving the camera the Evil Eye.  Too much Pecos Bill's?  You be the judge.

            This is my husband’s favorite area.  Not because of the rides, although Splash Mountain and Big Mountain Thunder Railroad are two of the biggest rides at M.K.  It’s because of Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Café.  My husband loves this restaurant.  He literally doesn’t think his trip to M.K. was worth it unless he gets to eat here for lunch.  And it is delicious: barbecue burgers, taco salads, chicken wraps.  Its also one of the rare “counter” service restaurants with indoor sitting, so it’s a wonderful stop for a hot August day.  Good food and air conditioning…
            As I stated above, the two main rides in this area are Splash Mountain and Big Mountain Thunder Railroad.  Splash Mountain is a fun ride in a log through Brer Rabbit’s Laughing Place (“Killing parents with the song about laughing places since 1946”).  What is so amazing about Disney World is the ambience.  The Imagineers invest themselves in the storyline, adding wonderment before the huge 5 story drop.  As anyone who knows me will tell you, I am terrified of heights and I hate roller coasters.  But I have been on almost every Disney thrill ride.  The reason for this is because of the storylines that are drawn out for each ride.
            For those people who do dare to get on the ride, they will have to endure watching people go down the hill over and over again.  Part of the experience of the ride is the anticipation of going down the hill and the ride plays it up.  And those crafty Imagineers will still get you to pay attention to this ride, even if you don’t go on it.  If you stand on the bridge across from Splash Mountain to wait for your friends, bring a change of clothes.  Every few logs that come down the hill will trigger a water cannon hiding in the grass to shoot the people on the bridge.
            Big Mountain Thunder Railroad is a ride on a runaway mine cart.  The premise is "there be gold in them hills," but it has already been mined out and the town has been abandoned after a series of flash floods.  However, the carts still work, so of course you’re going to get into one, right?  Needless to say, chaos ensues and you’re in for a wild ride!
            Also in this area is the Country Bear Jamboree (blah for adults, but kids might like it and it’s very nostalgic), an entrance to the WDW Railroad, and Tom Sawyer Island.  An insider secret that I read is to get to Tom Sawyer Island early.  There are white paintbrushes hidden around the island and if you find one and give it to one of the cast members, you will get a prize (usually a FASTPASS to one of the main rides).


  1. Very fun to read your blog. It's almost as fun as going there. AAAAAAAAAAAAAALMOST!

  2. You're just being nice, its no where near as much fun as going there, LOL!