Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A change of pace...

I decided to go a little off topic today to give some hints that I have picked up through research and visiting the World myself.  No need to thank me, you haven't read the hints yet (hehehe)...

The Emily-baby sleeping in 40 degree weather with a Beatles cover band right behind her...  She's a great traveller...

1.  Sell your child and get an Emily-baby.  An Emily-baby is so-called because my daughter is named Emily and she is the best travelling baby I have ever seen.  She eats, sleeps, draws and watches movies.  Get one of these kids!  They make the trip worth it.  (I'm kidding, of course, don't sell your child.  Give the child to a family with reproductive issues.  Everyone deserves a home...)

2.  A little seriousness - Use FASTPASS!  I have talked about FASTPASS before, but haven't really explained it, so I will endeavor to do so now.  FASTPASS is kind of like Disney giving you permission to cut in line.  You take your park ticket to a designated area and swipe it through the machine.  The machine gives you a magical ticket with a time on it, telling you when to get come back to the attraction, to be able to cut in front of the commoners who have been waiting to get in since approximately the dawn of time.  In all seriousness, though, to be able to do everything you want to do at the World, the FASTPASS is a blessing.  It's only available for the attractions with the longest wait lines, but while you are waiting for the time on your card to come up, you can spend that time taking in other attractions with smaller lines.  One word of caution, however, you can only get one FASTPASS per hour, so you can't go around to every attraction in the morning and grab one for all of them.

3.  Pick the line farthest away from you!  There are certain attractions that you will have to get in one line, but will eventually split in to two.  Pick the farther line.  Let me give you an example: It's a Small World has two lines when you get to the bridge.  There is a right line, closest to the entrance, and a left line, against the wall.  Take the left line.  My husband and I took this line and passed up approximately 30 people standing in the right line.  The ride had a 15 minute wait time and we were on in (no joke) 3 minutes, simply because most people choose the line closest to them.

4. A correction from yesterday's post - you do not smell strawberries at the Philharmagic, you smell jasmine and apple pie.  Smelled like strawberries to me, though.  And an addendum for the Liberty Square post - I found out from the Disney Company, that they have gotten rid of the turnstiles at Haunted Mansion.  So for all of my fellow big-bellied fans, you need only worry about the bar on your lap in this attraction now.

TTFN Disney fans!  Ta Ta for now!


  1. I just happened upon your blog and LOVE IT!! Both my hubby and I are big-bellied and your advice is GREAT!! Couldn't find this kind of honesty any where else! Please continue!!

  2. I LOVE you! You just made my day as my first comment from someone I don't know! As a big-bellied person, I was really scared about going to Disney, in the fear that I would have problems. But, fear not, Disney really is the Happiest Place on Earth for all to enjoy! Please keep following the blog and let me know how I am doing!