Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The one with a horse...

...By the way, special kudos points if you can figure out the joke behind the title to this post...

M.K. – Fantasyland Part III

            After reading about my husband’s devotion to Pecos Bill, you are never going to believe this next part: we actually got to try a different restaurant on our last trip to the World.  I know, calm yourselves, my big-bellied peers.  It will probably never happen again…
            But, yes, we got to try a restaurant in Fantasyland: the Pinocchio Village Haus.  It was really cute, my daughter loved the theme and the fact that I kept singing “Figaro and Cleo” to her, but the food stunk.  Beautiful to look at, not very tasty…  It’s back to Pecos Bill for us again.
            Interesting note about this area, it holds the oldest ride in the whole park.  Cinderella’s Golden Carrousel was actually built in 1917 and has had a few relocations before the Disney Imagineers rescued it and brought it to the World.  And if you’re looking to ride the horse that has been designated as Cinderella’s, pick the one with the gold bow on the tail, second one in.  My daughter did not get to ride this horse (not that she cares, she’s not even 2), but my husband took a random picture of it and the girl who was riding it, stalker-style.
            Outside of the carrousel is the Sword in the Stone.  Of course, my husband had to pose with it (I love him, but he really is a nerd).  By the way, look down at the stones surrounding the large rock.  The cement below is shaped like 2 large swords.  It’s the little twists that can turn your trip from great to extraordinary, seeing all of the details the Imagineers include.  Or you could just make a huge spectacle of yourself by pointing out all of these secret treasures to random people like I do…  I’m pretty sure Disney has my picture up and all cast members are to stop me from entering ever again.  Not to mention my stalker husband.

I told you, Stalker-style...  Someone call Dateline...


  1. Hey! I'm not a stalker! By the way... what are you wearing? (heavy breathing...)

  2. See what I mean, folks? Stalker... Has anyone called Dateline yet?

  3. You could call... but you're phone's been disconnected... Snip... What? you have a cell phone? Damn! How is anyone supposed to be sinister these days?

  4. Hi there! It's MaNiC MoMMy... tried to find your email so sorry for posting here--you said you needed someone to talk you off the ledge from having baby #2 since you have a 20 month old right now... jump on that ledge!! I had my second when my first was 9 months old and was pregnant with my third when my second was 22 months old!! Do it now while you're in the baby trenches! You won't regret it!! That's all I wanted to tell you! Also, thanks for finding my blog, and good luck to you! I'll be checking out your blog once I'm done with my maddening book giveaway! Hope you win a book or two! Steph, aka MaNiC MoMMy

  5. Love her blog, love her! Everyone, it is imperative for all to read her blog and win some of the free books she gives away. She's currently giving away Dawn Meehan's book (another blog I read) and that's how I found the MaNiC MoMMy!

    Thanks Steph, please keep reading and tell me how I'm doing! I need someone to keep me in line!