Monday, March 14, 2011

Mickey's Philharmagic Rocks my World!

I'm very sorry avid readers, this whole blog is on ONE attraction.  I just can't get enough of it, I would talk about it for days if I could.  Forgive me (but, please, keep reading!)...

As much as I like this attraction, you'd think I would have a picture of it.  Alas, I do not...

M.K. - Fantasyland Part II
            I’m really excited to talk about this next attraction in Fantasyland: Mickey’s Philharmagic.  My husband and I originally avoided it, because we had no idea what it was.  But the last trip we took to Disney, we gave it a try and we loved it!  First off, before you go to it, get a FASTPASS for another ride (Peter Pan is perfect because it always has a long line.  If you want to ride it, you NEED the FASTPASS).  I suggest taking this time to get one because A.) some of the FASTPASS booths are conveniently installed in front of the Philharmagic and B.) the Philharmagic is 20 minutes long, usually a nice distraction when waiting for your FASTPASS times…
            Now, why do I like the Philharmagic so much?  One, there is little to no wait time.  It is a 3D movie in a theater and the theater holds a lot of people.  The only long wait you may encounter (20 minutes) is if you get to the theater right after a show starts.  Otherwise, 5-10 minutes, tops.
            Two, it is near the center of Fantasyland.  Most of the attractions at Fantasyland run high wait times; this is nice attraction to catch along the way.  Which brings me to number three, it’s indoors, people!  That means seating and either air conditioning or heating (depending on the season you visit).
            But, the main reason I suggest the Philharmagic, its just plain cute and funny!  As far as 3D movies at Disney World go, I used to be a diehard Muppets fan.  And I hate to say it, but the Philharmagic puts Muppets to shame (Muppets needs some updating, badly!).  In the Philharmagic, you will get splashed with water, smell some strawberries in the air and watch Donald get shot out of a tuba cannon and into the wall behind you.  Too cute!  And for all of my big-bellied readers, this is one of the most comfortable theaters in the whole park.  So you will sit in comfort!

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