Monday, March 21, 2011

You guys deserve a larger post...

I know, I have been terribly lazy, lately, writing only enough to be able to post something.  This is a longer entry, I promise!

M.K. – Fantasyland Final Part

No, this is not in Disney World.  It is just a super cute pic of my family I took this week.  Aren't they beautiful?

            Well, we finally made it to the end of the Fantasyland attractions.  We only have three more rides to talk about (the rest of the attractions in this area are character greeting spots, which change all of the time).
            First up is another dark ride: Snow White’s Scary Adventures.  Snow White is one of my daughter’s favorite movies and this ride’s line is typically only about 20 minutes long, so we have ridden this one a few times.  To me, this dark ride isn’t as good as some of the others (Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan, etc).  It, originally, was more about the story of the Queen than Snow White.  The Imagineers redeveloped it and added more “good guys”, but Snow White is still not actually in the ride that many times.  I have heard a lot of accounts of kids getting scared in this one.  My daughter was fine, but she has only ridden on it at younger than 2 years of age.  I’m not sure she understood all of it and she really likes the movie of Snow White (plus she laughs at the scary scene in the movie, where Snow White is running through the forest, so you can’t trust my kid).  All I am saying is: be cautious.  On a plus note, the carts have three separate rows of seats, which means the carts are large enough for 6-9 people, (depending on how big-bellied you are), so its one of the rare rides that large families can go on together.
            Next up is the iconic Mad Tea Party.  I loved this ride as a kid, but, truth be told, I haven’t been on it in ten years.  I can’t give you a good idea of how it is for big-bellied people because I was worried my daughter wouldn’t like it, so we didn’t ride it.  I will say this, though: if you get motion sickness, do not go on this ride with a teenager.  The ride spins lightly by itself, but there is a wheel in the middle to make it spin faster.  It is a teenager’s job to try and make their parents lose their lunch…
            Last, but certainly not least, Dumbo the Flying Elephant!  I will admit a soft spot here, my daughter’s lullaby has always been Baby Mine, and so I love Dumbo.  The ride is just like Aladdin’s Carpets in Adventureland: Dumbo lifts you up in the air and you go around in circles.  My daughter and I had a blast on this one and it was purely accidental that we got to ride it.  Dumbo is so iconic, that it has one of the longest wait times in the park.  However, if you’re lucky enough to encounter a Florida rain shower (and believe me, they happen almost every day, so you will be “lucky” enough to encounter one), Dumbo will shut down until the rain has ceased.  Stick around Dumbo during one of these showers and as soon as the rain lets up, get in line.  Emily and I only had to wait 10 minutes.  For my big-bellied fans: this ride has a seat belt that will stretch across you and your partner rider.  If the two of you do not fit together, they will bring you an extension.  Emily and I fit together just fine without it, but a bigger partner would have definitely have made one necessary.

Some people we don't know on the Dumbo ride.  Yes, there are pics of me and Em on the ride.  No, I have not posted them because they look horrible, it was dark and Hubby took them with his cell phone.

            And there it is: the end of Fantasyland in its current condition.  However, as I have said before, Fantasyland is under construction, so it will be bigger and better in the future.  We will definitely be revisiting.  Alas, now we have a problem.  The next area I was going to write about is Mickey’s Toontown Fair, but it is closed currently for the Fantasyland extension and I have no idea what is going to change in the meantime.  What would my readers like?  Should I talk about the Fair, or skip it?


  1. I'd skip it. Mainly because I don't remember anything about it and would have a hard time pretending i'm there. There you have it. My 2 and a half cents.

  2. That's probably for the best because we haven't actually spent much time there, so I wouldn't know what to tell anyone anyway. I just have some of my useless information, nothing about how fun it may actually be.

  3. I remember the Mad Tea Party from my childhood. Pretty sure it scared the pants off of me.

    I'm looking forward to taking my kiddos to the magic kingdom in a few years.

  4. I always want to go to Disney World, but I'm trying to wait to go again until 2012. I am really looking forward to their plans for Fantasyland. It looks like there's going to be a spot for each of the Princesses in the new plans. I can't wait, but I'm trying to...

    Your kiddos are going to love it! We've taken Em and she has a great time. Even as young as she is, she gets that it is something special. She loves the rides. When are you thinking about taking them?